About Us

Vision Statement To build and maintain a select number of blue chip clients working in partnership sourcing and supplying quality and innovative products for niche markets.

Mission Statement
To provide our clients with a cost effective means of procuring both Consumer-Off-The-Shelf products and Modified-Off-The-Shelf products both food and non-food for retail, further processing or promotional.

Past successes enables us to safely offer a 50:50 package on volume/high value projects: our remuneration is 50% of the saving on existing products. Fees/margins are negotiable on new or unique products.

Why we are different
We procure what our client requires and not what WE have.

If we do not know a manufacturer that produces the required product we will find one that does. Wherever they are in the world.

As a 4th party logistics company we do not own the resources, this enables us to source the right product from the most suitable company/factory.

We have no hidden agenda in that we own a factory that produces round widgets whereas the client really wanted an oval widget.

It also means that we do not carry over-heads that have to be recovered from clients during lean times but also means that when a fast increase in demand has to be met we find the extra existing capacity.

We deal direct with the factories wherver possible enabling us to react quickly and keep costs down.

Products & Services

Past and on-going projects:

  • Genesis All-in-One Access Control Station (Re: Covid-19)
  • Dysphagia Cups
  • Care Home Staff & Visitor - entrance Health Check
  • Personal protection suits
  • Isolation individual transportation capsules
  • Emergency multi bed isolation
  • Decontamination control tents
  • Hexi-Field cooker & hexamine refills
  • Military Ration Packs
  • Ambient long-life meals, snacks and drinks
  • Flameless MRE heaters
  • MRE safety pouch heater
  • Airline snacks and food
  • Emergency food packs
  • Calorie controlled food packs
  • Metal fuel tags
  • Gerry cans
  • Faecal waste bags
  • 4-ply face tissues
  • Wet wipes
  • Thermal Mugs
  • LED screens for outside use, rental. Exhibitions etc.
  • Flexible LED screens
  • Self-rescue smoke hoods
  • Salt free safety road "grit"
  • Eco-friendly organic "cold-lay asphalt"
  • Over 300 food and non food seasonal gifts, including specialist spirits, wines, champagne, gourmet foods, snacks, toiletries, stationary, pet gifts, cookware, hampers and more..

Contact Information

Global Procurers Ltd
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Contact Tel No: +44 (0)1234 240888
Contact Email: info@gpltd.net

Company Reg No: 03964394
Company VAT No: 159 6341 83